Black Sheep Gathering


Judge: Zane Bone • College Station, Texas

I am a 4th generation sheep and goat raiser from the Texas Hill Country. My father was a state winning sheep and goat vocational agricultural teacher; my mom was also from a ranching background. My mom’s brother was one of the best known sheep and goat 4-H agents this state has ever had. My grandfather ran a working cattle, horse, sheep and goat ranch for a family estate for 40 years. It was no wonder I ended up liking sheep and goats. I was involved in 4-H and FFA as a youth, and I judged wool and mohair up until attending college at Texas A&M University where I obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Agronomy. Growing up on the ranch, I’ve had my own Rambouillet sheep and Angora goat herds. It was through this diversity that I found my true love for sheep and goats; I work to design breeding programs with different goals in mind.

In the past few years I’ve been invited to judge at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, the Mountain State Fair in Asheville North Carolina and the Maryland State Fair. It has been a true blessing that I have found to be very rewarding and refreshing. Being involved in these shows has awoken a new desire to see sheep through a different lens again. Who knows? Upon the completion of my children’s show careers, we may just give fiber a new whirl. I think I am again catching the bug you all have.

Every show I am asked to judge has been an honor and brings great rewards. It has been so refreshing to see sheep showing as it was intended, both educational and a time of fellowship. Fiber festivals have renewed my hope that exhibition can be about more than a ribbon; it can be about the love of sheep and the acceptance of the diversity sheep can bring. Each breed fascinates me in different ways. I so look forward to judging the Black Sheep Gathering and seeing what the West Coast has to offer. Thanks in advance and may all of you have safe travels and outstanding lamb crops.

Gotland Sheep Judge: Anette Skoog

Anette Skoog got her degree in Veterinary medicine in 1998 and her interest in sheep breeding and dog training started at an early age, growing up in rural Sweden. She has spent most of her career within pharmaceutical research and the animal hospital industry. Her current work is aimed towards animal genetics and reproduction with a focus on sheep.

Anette and her husband have been breeding sheep together professionally for more than 15 years, with a flock size ranging and up to 700 ewes. Earlier in their life they bred meat breeds such as polled Dorsets and Texels, but today, her focus is on the Gotland Sheep Breed.

Anette's main interest is production of high-quality wool, pelts and finished products using Gotland fiber as raw material. Earlier in her career she spent 4 years as board member and vice chairman of the Swedish Sheep Industry Association and has held several other board positions within the Swedish Meat Processing & Livestock Industries. She moved with her family to the United States in 2016. Anette enjoys making things out of sheepskins, and has won a number of awards for her handmade work, using Gotland pelts.

Junior Showmanship

Showmanship Instructor: Maria Rooney
Silverton, Oregon

Maria Rooney has been the owner-operator of Silver Creek Lambscapes since 1986, a progressive sheep operation in Northwest Oregon that currently runs 300 head of New Zealand Coopworth, white and natural colored Romney, and Horned Dorset Ewes. Rooney’s philosophy encompasses proactive management, high quality genetics, and rigorous selection standards to achieve a balanced, productive sheep.

Rooney has for many years utilized in her flock artificial insemination from New Zealand using top quality rams for wool quality, vigor, and growth rate. Rooney actively shows her breeding stock across the country at Maryland, Reno, Big E, NAILE, BSG and Oregon State Fairs. She has won many supreme flock and national champion awards for her leading show flock. Rooney has served on many breed association boards and is currently president of the North American Romney Association and the Oregon Purebred Sheep Breeders Association.


  1. Registered Navajo-Churro.
  2. Registered Shetland.
    • Award: The Northwestern Shetland Sheep Breeders Trophy for the Best Young Breeders Flock of Shetland Sheep.
  3. Registered Jacob.
  4. Omitted letter.
  5. Registered White Lincoln.
  6. White Registered Long, Medium and Fine Wool Breeds.
  7. Teeswater.
  8. Registered White Romney.
  9. BlueFaced Leicester (white and natural colored, 2 white and 2 natural colored allowed per exhibitor, per class).
  10. NCWGA Primitive breeds.
  11. NCWGA Registered Long/Coarse Wool (48 and lower).
  12. NCWGA Registered Medium Wool (50-58).
  13. NCWGA Registered Fine Wool (60 and finer).
  14. Natural Colored Romeldale/CVM.
    • Award: Romeldale/CVM Award for Best Romeldale in Show and Romeldale/CVM Fleece.
  15. Reg. Natural Colored Wool Breeds — non-NCWGA flocks.
  16. Omitted letter.
  17. Omitted letter.
  18. Omitted letter.
  19. Natural Colored Lincoln.
  20. Registered Colored Romney.
  21. Omitted letter.
  22. Omitted letter.
  23. Omitted letter.
  24. Sunday — Junior Sheep Show — See Livestock Rule 17

  25. Registered Long/Coarse Wool (48 and lower) Junior.
  26. Registered Medium/Fine Wool (50 and finer) Junior.
  27. Junior Showmanship (Jr. ages 5-10, Int. ages 11-14, Sr. ages 15-18).


  1. Yearling Ram — less than 24 months old.
  2. Ram Lamb — born December 15, 2017 - April 15, 2018.
  3. Pair of Ram Lambs — owned by exhibitor. Must be shown in class 2.
  4. Yearling Ewe — less than 24 months old.
  5. Ewe Lamb — born December 15, 2017 - April 15, 2018.
  6. Pair of Ewe Lambs — owned by exhibitor. Must be shown in class 5.

  8. Breeders Young Flock — 1 ram lamb, 2 ewe lambs owned by exhibitor. Must have been shown in classes 2 and 5.


Best Young Flock of Show: Winners of each lot to compete. This is a perennial trophy donated by the Black Sheep Newsletter.


Best Sheep of Show: Champions from each lot to compete. This is a perennial trophy in Glen’s memory donated by the Black Sheep Gathering organization.


Promote your farm and support the BSG by donating your lamb or goat for the 2018 Black Sheep Gathering Potluck.


Judge: Zane Bone
College Station, Texas

I am a 4th generation sheep and goat raiser from the Texas Hill Country. My father was a state winning sheep and goat vocational agricultural teacher; my mom was also from a ranching background. Read More.


Judge: Dr. Andy Laughlin
Lubbock, Texas

Dr. Andy Laughlin grew up in the rural town of Ingram, Texas located in the heart of the hill country. He received his bachelor's degree in animal science from Texas A & M Univerisity. Read More.


Wool Judge: Dr. Geof Ruppert
Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Your judge for the 2018 Black Sheep Gathering is Dr. Geof Ruppert. His involvement with sheep began in 1976 with a starter flock of Corriedales, chosen in part because of his mother’s interest in the fiber arts. Read More.


Judge: Marian Dyche
The Dalles, Oregon

I learned to spin when I moved to Oregon about 20 years ago, joined the Columbia Fibres Guild and also learned to live life as it really should be. Read More.