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nuno felted scarf




Roseanne Anderson has been locker hooking for many years after attending a fiber show in Hamilton, Montana, where she saw a huge, beautiful wall hanging. Her first piece taught her the reality of proper canvas preparation as it disintegrated during dry cleaning! She raises a small flock of non-lambburger sheep, loves to knit and spin, and is fortunate to have a willing husband who will build almost anything for her sheep and craft. Usually.
Workshops Offered:
   Fabulous & Fancy Locker Hooking      Class Filled

Sarah Anderson has been fascinated by all things fiber since childhood. She is the author of The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs and has contributed to The All New Homespun Handknit book and Spin•Off, Handwoven and Ply magazines. Sarah’s enthusiasm for spinning techniques and constructions has driven her to create an extensive library of different yarn constructions that she loves to share with other spinners. She has taught at SOAR, Golden Gate Fiber Institute, Madrona, NWRSA’s Spinner’s Conference and for many guilds and shops. She has also filmed a new video about “The Building Blocks of Spinning” with Interweave Press. Sarah lives, spins, knits and weaves in the Pacific Northwest with her husband in a small house full of fiber, wheels and spindles.
Workshops Offered:
   Blending & Spinning Short & Exotic Fibers        Class Filled

Patti Barker enjoys incorporating hand-dyed silk and natural fibers, as well as hand-spun art yarn into her unique felted accessories and garments. She makes her home in the Pacific Northwest where she teaches felt making. Patti winters in Florida and exhibits her work at juried art shows in Washington and Florida, where she has won three merit awards for her fiber designs. Her work is currently exhibited at 9 Gallery, Heart & Hands, and Gallery FIVE. Learn more about the instructor at
Workshops Offered:
   Felted Gypsy Vest        Class Filled

JC Briar, a self-confessed “technique freak” and “skill junkie,” dabbles in all kinds of knitting but has a special fondness for textured knitting and novel construction techniques. If it involves lace, cables, or seamless construction, it’s sure to catch her eye. She shares her enthusiasm by teaching at shops and fiber festivals, and through her book, Charts Made Simple. Learn more about JC at
Workshops Offered:
   Cast-on Cornucopia
   Bind-off Bonanza
   Multi-directional Scarves
   Socktastic Stitch Patterns

Beth Brown-Reinsel has been passionately teaching historic knitting workshops nationally, as well as internationally, for over 20 years. Her book, Knitting Ganseys has been deemed a classic. She completed her first DVD Knitting Ganseys with Beth Brown-Reinsel in 2010 and has two other DVDs being released in 2014 on Color Knitting and Scottish Sanquhar Gloves. She loves to prowl the storage section of museums around the world to look at old knitted things for inspiration for her patterns and classes. Her articles and designs have appeared in Threads, Cast On, Interweave Knits, Knitting Traditions, Piecework, Shuttle, Spindle, and Dye Pot, Vogue Knitting, and Knitters magazines. She continues to design for her own pattern line Knitting Traditions. Beth’s website, blog, and eNewsletter can be found at She lives in Vermont and loves winter!
Workshops Offered:
   Latvian Fingerless Mitts
   Aran Cardigans from the Top Down

Carin EngenCarin Engen is an award winning fiber artist and workshop instructor who has been using her experimental, playful nature to explore felting and color seriously since 1992. She maintains a studio, The Tin Thimble, in Garberville, California, where she produces a line of hand dyed wool fabric and fiber as well as her felt art. She is an enthusiastic teacher who encourages innovation in her students’ work. A gallery of her work is available at Artfully Felt and sells supplies on Etsy at Carin Engen Fiber Arts.
Workshops Offered
   Introduction to Nuno Felting     Class Filled
   Felted Boots      Class Filled
   Design Your Own Felted Purse

J.J. Foster was intrigued by the idea of cashmere, silk and alpacafirst learned to knit, but on a student budget she was unable to afford such luxury fibers. She then discovered recycling sweaters to obtain yarn and a new obsession was born. She has recycled over 1,000 sweaters and loves teaching others how to do it, too.
Workshops Offered:
    Deconstructing a Sweater, Recycling Yarn

Amelia GarriopoliAmelia Garripoli purchased a house that came with two llamas in 2001. Her life has been a whirlwind of fiber pursuits since, publishing Productive Spindling in 2009, and many monographs and articles on fiber arts, in print and on her blog In 2012, Amelia opened her Port Ludlow, Washington, studio where she explores fiber and holds weekend workshops.
Workshops Offered:
   Blending Boards A-Z
   Silk on Spindles
   14 Fringes
   Combs, Combs, Combs
   Spindle & Fiber

Jane Grogan, from Madison, Wisconsin, started weaving on a 4-shaft table loom in 1979, but it wasn’t until she acquired a 7-foot triangle loom in 1990 that she found her dream tool. The “instant” warp while you weave has provided endless hours of fascination. Jane has since added smaller size looms to her collection which are perfect for “on the go” projects. Jane has held workshops on continuous strand weaving techniques at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair and the Great Midwest AlpacaFest.
Workshops Offered:
   Warp & Weave on a Pin Loom
   Weaving a Quilt Pattern

Ilisha Helfman, a graduate of Smith College and the Yale University School of Design, has been knitting quietly and creatively for well over 40 years. Her knitted work has shown in galleries in NY and Portland and her collages have shown in galleries and museums throughout the United States and Great Britain. Ilisha has a chapter in Knitting Art by Karen Searle (Voyageur Press, 2008) and has a book called Jazzknitting: An Introduction and another on Butterfly Knitting, which is an in-depth look at different ways of knitting symmetry. She has worked as a graphic designer, textile designer, miniaturist and toy maker, and recently has been making knitting needle gauges. You can find Ilisha as Jazzknitter on Ravelry. Come join her Jazzknitting group there! For a more in-depth look at Ilisha’s range of creative work, check out her websites:,,, and her blog at
Workshops Offered:
   Spinning on an Airplane—An Intro to Turkish Spindles
   Jazzknitting Sea String Garlands
   Jazzknitting Sea Lettuce

Mary Scott HuffMary Scott Huff is the author of five knitting books. In 2010 she fled the realm of Information Technology to pursue a more yarn-centered way of life. The many friends she found along the way have helped her become a nationally-recognized designer, teacher and author. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Mary shares a wee little house there with her husband, two children, some Scottish Terriers, and more yarn than is strictly necessary. You can join Mary on her adventures playing with string at

Workshop Offered
   Kilt by Association – Exploring What’s Under There
   Mad Hatters



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rigid heddle loom

Galina Khmeleva, owner of Skaska Designs has earned the reputation as one of the most respected and knowledgeable lace-knitting instructors in the country. As a former clothing and costume designer who worked with the “aristocracy” of St. Petersburg’s music and theater society, Galina was a pioneer in breaking down barriers in the “new” Russia that allowed Russian women the opportunity to achieve ownership status in private companies. As the principal student to Orenburg’s lace-knitting elite, Galina brings the classic style and revered, traditional knitting techniques of Russian lace to her classes. Her unique, inspiring and fun-loving teaching style has made her the guru of lace enthusiasts across the US. And, as an extra bonus, Galina’s classes are an awesome, unforgettable cultural experience.
Workshops Offered:
   Russian-Style Continental Knitting        Class & Wait List Filled
   Spinning for Lace Knitting

Janel Laidman is the author of three knitting books, and the editor of both "The Sock Report" and"Skein Theory" online magazines. She has been spinning for the last twenty years and knitting for even longer. She has participated in various fiberarts for most of her life. Janel lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where it gets cold enough to wear woollies, but stays mild enough to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. When she’s not knitting or spinning, Janel loves hiking, cooking, feeding the birdies, and photography.
Workshops Offered:
   The Painted Skein: Color Tricks in Spinning
   Steeking Three Ways
   Spinning Color Gradients        Class Filled

Woody LaneWoody Lane is a nationally known livestock nutritionist from Roseburg, Oregon. He operates an independent consulting firm "Lane Livestock Services,” teaches courses in forages and livestock nutrition to ranchers in the area, facilitates three forage study groups for farmers, and writes a popular monthly column "From the Feed Trough...” for The Shepherd magazine. Woody is a popular speaker across the United States and Canada, and over the past few years, has helped develop the well-known SID Sheep Production Handbook. Woody earned his Ph.D. from Cornell University, and in the 1980s was the Sheep Extension Specialist for the University of Wisconsin. He has lived in Oregon since 1990.
Workshop Offered:
    Minerals, Vitamins, Feed Tags, Nutritional Problems

Suzie Liles has taught weaving for 30 years and holds a Master in Fine Arts in Fibers from the University of Oregon. She has authored numerous weaving and design articles and publications; and has taught at workshops and conferences throughout the UnitedStates. She is a member of many fiber organizations among them the Handweavers Guild of America, the Surface Design Association and the Spinning and Weaving Association. Not only is she very active in the fiber arts community; Suzie is owner of the Eugene Textile Center, a regional weaving, dyeing, and fiber center located in Eugene.
Workshop Offered:
    Inkle Loom Weaving

Judith MacKenzie has spun, woven and knit for many years. Her love of textiles has led her to many places, including Peru and Turkey. She has taught throughout North America and Europe. Judith is a frequent contributor to Spin•Off, Handwoven, Interweave Knits and PieceWork. She has six DVDs, including the “Fleece in Your Hands.” Judith has published two books on spinning, Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning and The Intentional Spinner. She lives happilyever after on the wild northwest coast of America.
Workshops Offered:
   Indigo & Friends    Class & Wait List Filled
   Bountiful Sheep: Cormo    Class & Wait List Filled

Diane McKinnon is an avid weaver and spinner who especially enjoys seeing her students discover their own potential as they have fun with fibers. Her first loom was a rigid heddle loom that she bought while she was still in high school. Diane went on to study weaving during college. She did additional color, textile, and weaving studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Attending conference classes, working for two years in a weaving shop, and doing production weaving have increased her skills and knowledge over the years.
  Diane teaches at The Black Sheep Gathering, NwRSA's Annual Conference, Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival, and holds regular fiber classes in the Thistle Patch Fiber Studio at her home. She was honored to be selected as an Invitational Artist for 2012 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Diane is an enthusiastic spinner as well and she uses her collection of looms to weave her special handspun yarns into unique hand-woven items. She especially enjoys sharing the wonders of weaving with beginning weavers.
Workshop Offered:
    Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving 101

Ruth Northrup has been spinning since 2001. Her yarns have won Reserve Champion at the Black Sheep Gathering, and Best in Show at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, among others. She uses her experience as a first grade teacher to make spinning fun and easy to learn. In addition to retreats and private lessons, Ruth has taught at the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival and the Taos Wool Festival. She lives in Southern California with a musical husband and a rather splotchy cat named Chloe the Calico.
Workshop Offered:
   Graduated Shades from a Single Pot        Class Filled
   Short Steps to Long Draw        Class Filled

graduated shades


wool combing


straw into gold



shearing sheep


angora goats


Judie OverbeekJudie Overbeek has taken refuge in spinning, weaving and dyeing for over 35 years, incorporating the three disciplines into a single project whenever possible. A love of process and a deep desire to share her skills keeps her involved in these inexhaustible crafts both as student and teacher. Judie lives in NW Montana. She teaches spinning, weaving and dyeing throughout the Northwest.
Workshops Offered:
   Shibori Dyeing        Class Filled
   Lovely Beaded Yarns        Class Filled

Marilyn Romatka began her professional life in biochemistry, but Life side-tracked that plan. Later, when the family bought a pack llama that gave bags of fleece, she found her second passion. She was started down the Yellow-Brick Road into weaving. Her science background gives her a clear, sequential teaching style; her passion for fiber-arts gives her class zing.
   Marilyn's days are spent teaching, spinning, weaving, dying, braiding, always learning, and llama hiking and bunny-loving. She delights most in passing traditional fiber skills on to this generation and the next.
Workshops Offered:
   Temari: Japanese Thread Balls
   Bow Loom Weaving
   Braiding with Bling: Beaded Kumihimo

Lynn RugglesLynn Ruggles has been exploring fiber in its many aspects from an early age and added spinning to her repertoire 25 years ago. She recently earned a Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning, Level II. She loves exploring the world of textiles and is always looking for unusual fibers and new techniques. Lynn has been teaching spinning for 15 years and, with her recent retirement from her engineering job, is now a full time fiber-geek.
Workshops Offered:
   Spinning for Socks
   Wrist Distaff or Beaded Bracelet    Class cancelled
   Dyeing with Weeds      Class Filled

Laurie WeinsoftLaurie Weinsoft has been spinning for the last twenty years. After a lifetime of knitting, sewing and weaving, it was sitting behind the spinning wheel that gave Laurie the greatest joy. Laurie started teaching spinning within months of learning herself. She has taught a continuing class for beginning and returning students at Northwest Wools in Portland, Oregon, for the past twelve years. Laurie is one of the original members of the Twisted Sisters spinning group and was a contributor to the Twisted Sister’s Sock Book and Twisted Sisters Sweater Workshop. Laurie’s handspun sweater and pattern is the last sweater design in the workshop book. Laurie has had her work published in Spin•Off as well.
   "My main goal in teaching spinning is to share my enthusiasm for beautiful spinning wheels, incredible fibers and the sheer joy of creating amazing yarns." In the last year she has been a mentor for the PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art) and her handspun and hand-knit shawl was on display at the contemporary crafts gallery in Portland as part of the common threads exhibit honoring the mentors with PNCA. She also taught a workshop at the gallery. "It was an honor to be included in this program."
Workshops Offered:
    Beginning Spinning: I Really Want to Spin Straw into Gold
    Adventures in Carding      Class Filled

Susie WilsonSusie Wilson and her husband, Dan, own SuDan Farm in Canby, Oregon. She is a shepherd, shearer, fiber artist, and an enthusiastic lamb and wool promoter. She began teaching this workshop in 1994, and it’s been a great success ever since. Many of her past students are now successfully shearing their own animals – and you can, too!
Workshop Offered:
    Shearing On Your Own

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