Black Sheep Gathering
Check back March 1, 2018 for the entire website to be updated with more information on this year's show and workshops. Thank you.

List of All Classes &
Their Availability

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Friday Classes

  • Felted Sheep — Basic 3-D Needle Felting
  • Ooh, Shiny! Spinning Silk
  • All Steamed Up! A Dyeing Art
  • Aran Mittens: An Exercise in Cabling
  • Beginning Rigid Heddle
  • Beginning Spinning – I Really Want to Spin Straw into Gold
  • Exploring the Drum Carder
  • Fundamentals of Orenburg Knitted Lace
  • Inspired Spinning
  • Nuno Patchwork Cowl or Scarf
  • Shibori
  • Cancelled Advanced Needle Felting/Troubleshooting
  • Spinning Cotton on a Wheel

Saturday Classes

  • Beginning Spindle Spinning
  • Fat Ones, Skinny Ones – Diameter Control in Spinning
  • How to Setup a Grazing System and Grow Good Pastures
  • Intro to Stranded Colorwork
  • Production Spinning and Plying
  • All Steamed Up! A Dyeing Art
  • Cowichan Pullover
  • Creating Complex Color Roving for Designer Yarns
  • Diagonal Double Turn: Card Weaving that Knows All the Angles
  • Organic Indigo: Easy as 1 2 3
  • The "You Asked For It" Felted Vest Class
  • Cables — Lovely Twists and Turns
  • Fancy Shining Threads: Making your Yarn Sparkle
  • Spinning and Blending Camelid
  • Spinning Bumps and Bubbles: The Fabulous Boucles
  • Spinning the Orenburg Way

Sunday Classes

  • Beginning Rug Hooking with Yarn and Fabric
  • Bountiful Sheep: Spinning Shetland
  • Colored Angora Goat Registry Inspection Training
  • Latvian Wristers
  • Shearing on Your Own
  • Silk Painting and Stamping with Natural Dye Extracts
  • Spinning for Socks
  • Spinning Plant Fibers with a Turkish Spindle
  • Versatility with Cast-Ons
  • Viking Knitting: Trichinopoly on a Dowel
  • Washing and Dyeing Fleece Off-Grid
  • Blending Board Basics
  • Felted Hats
  • Bountiful Beasts: Spinning Yak
  • Ending Well: A Wealth of Bind-Off Techniques
  • I’ve Bought a Fleece – Now what do I Do with It?
  • Long Draw/Quick Draw on a Spindle
  • New Tradition Needle Felting
  • Painted Skeins and Warps
  • Cancelled Plying Orenburg Style
  • Steeking with Confidence
  • Success in Plying

Workshop Registration 2017

Online Registration closed on June 10, 2017

Online registration for Black Sheep Gathering 2017 has closed. You will still be able to register for open workshops during the event at the registration desk, beginning on the first day of the Gathering. Please also note that schedule changes and waiting list applications are also closed for the year.

We cannot provide refunds for class cancellations after June 10. Refunds are only possible if another person from a waiting list fills the cancelled space. If your space is filled, cancellation fees will still apply.

Thank you all for helping to make the Black Sheep Gathering Workshops so exciting, we look forward to meeting you at this year’s event.

Workshop Registration During the Black Sheep Gathering:

Online-only registration closed at 9 am on June 10, 2017. Registration will be possible in-person at the beginning of Black Sheep Gathering on June 23rd at the registration desk in the Lane Events Center. We will register people for workshops that have openings during the Black Sheep Gathering on a first-come first-served basis.


Morning and all day workshops begin at 9am and afternoon workshops begin at 1:30pm. Check-in times are 8:15-9am and 12:45pm-1:30pm respectively. Students need to check in at the convention center unless otherwise advised.

Problems or Questions:

If you have any problems, or questions about your registration, please contact Tamara Andreas, Workshops Registration Volunteer Coordinator at

Workshop Registration During the Black Sheep Gathering:

We will register people for workshops that have openings during the Black Sheep Gathering on a first-come first-served basis.

Registration Confirmation:

You will receive confirmation of your registration by e-mail. The confirmation notice will provide you with: The names and times of your workshops, as well materials required. There will also be a link to your registration record. If you do not receive your confirmation e-mail in your inbox, please check your junk/spam filters. If you do not find it there, please let us know and we will get it to you.

Waiting Lists:

We will keep a waiting list of up to 5 people for each workshop. Names will be placed on waiting lists in the order that requests are received. If someone cancels out of a workshop prior to the Black Sheep Gathering, we will contact the first person on the list and offer them the space. You will have 2 days to respond, after which we will move to the next person in line.

If you do not make it on to the waiting list, we will let you know. You cannot be enrolled in a workshop and be on the waiting list for another workshop that is occurring at the same time.


All-day classes include a 2-hour break from 11:30am-1:30pm to allow ample time for lunch and shopping.

In order to request being placed on a waiting list, or if you have any class change requests or cancellation requests, email, and let us know.


Judge: Scott Culver
Corvallis, Oregon

Hello, my name is Scott Culver. I am a second generation sheep- herder. My father, Morris Culver, introduced me to the Romney sheep business at an early age. Read More.


Judge: Dr. Fred Speck
Kerrville, Texas

Dr. Fred Speck is a 5th generation Texas Angora goat producer. His grandfather gave him eight registered angora does and one buck to start his own herd when he was eight years old. Read More.


Judge: Judith MacKenzie
Forks, Washington

Judith MacKenzie has worked as a textile artist for many years. As a spinner, dyer and weaver, she has traveled and worked throughout North America and abroad. Read More.


Judge: Melissa Harris
Surprise Valley, California

Melissa Harris has been involved in fiber arts for 30+ years. She learned to knit from her Welsh Grandmother and later became interested in spinning and dyeing in the late 1970s. Read More.